West Coast Challenge Update

Hi, PSPL members.

We just wanted to update you on the status of our efforts to become part of the West Coach Challenge, which we’ve been able to pursue in earnest now that we have secured our 501(c)(3), Over the past couple of months Dane and I have been in contact with members of the WCC Board as well as the president of the San Diego Pool League, which had offered to be out sister city coming into WCC. Our query was to get specifics on what exactly our league will need to do to become part of the WCC.

In late July, we received this communication from Ann Camonayan, prez of the SDPL. She is also a WCC board member.

  • At this past wcc committee meeting the San Francisco delegation was tasked with putting together the prerequisite letter for all cities.  We should have it within the next 30 days and will send it forward to you. The vote did go through and we will be accepting more cities. What the  current 4 cities have to now is get the  following tasks done. Change of rules, brackets, play schedules, city registration information, rotations, etc… each city was task with separate items.
  • The over consensus was any new city would have to provide a full delegation list of a team, 8 individuals, 4 women, and a hi/low team, because there’s no point in us planning schedules and venues for piecemealing. This also brings into account that schedules will be adjusted to accommodate more cities.
  • City registration for non-hosting cities is $2500 non-refundable, due 6 months prior to event to the hosting city. So if you can only send a team and 8 individuals it could still be 2500
  • If you send a full delegation then still 2500. Also your city would need to send a minimum of 4 referees. SD normally sends the board members that are not playing in an event ad referees since we have to attend the committee meeting anyways.

As soon as we receive the prerequisite letter, we will pass that information along. Hopefully, it will arrive by their stated 30 days so we can discuss it at our next general meeting, which will be held September 13 at Hunters at 7:00 p.m. Currently our WCC planning committee is being headed up by Scott Russell and Paula Huettl so if you think you might be interested in getting involved in the planning committee, please let Dane, Paula, or Scott know.

K.A. Tracy