Palm Springs Pool League Regulations & Rules of Play
(Updated April 6, 2019)


General Rules of Play

As per membership vote, the Palm Springs Pool League (PSPL) will follow the Official Rules of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL) except as modified for the PSPL via the bylaws or by membership vote as listed below.

Team Captains

Each team shall designate a member to be its team captain. Team captains are responsible for seeing that:

  1. Players have paid their seasonal dues.
  2. Players are knowledgeable about the rules.
  3. The PSPL Board is informed of any event that may constitute a serious violation of the rules (cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.)
  4. The match score sheet is properly filled out and sent to the league statistician.
  5. The team is represented at all meetings.

Starting Time of Match

Starting time of the matches is 7:00 pm. As per BCA rules, teams have a fifteen-minute grace to be ready to start the match. If one team has a player running late, the opposing team captain can agree to play around the player; otherwise, each game missed will be considered a forfeit.


Sponsors agree to open tables for practice a half-hour before the match begins until the match concludes. Sponsors shall also provide wall space within the playing area for the posting of schedules, standings and PSPL promotional flyers. 

Substitute Players

A team may put a substitute (sub) player into the lineup anytime before the start of a round. The captain of the team putting the sub in must notify the opposing team captain prior to the start of the round. If a request is made to substitute a player after the start of the round, then it is up to the opposing team captain whether to allow the sub to play or not. Once a player in the starting lineup is replaced by a sub, they can return to the lineup as long as they will not play an opposing player twice in the match

Shooting-out Policy

With prior approval of the opposing captain, one player on a team may shoot out or play all their games consecutively during the match.


All new players without an established handicap rating from a prior season will start their first five weeks of play with a 7 handicap. Players with established ratings in a prior division will have their rating carry over into the first week of play—a rolling handicap—and will calculate a player’s rating based on their last twenty-four games. 

Team Rosters

Teams can have no more than seven roster players.

Roster Changes / Adding New Players

Players cannot be added to a team’s roster after the two-thirds mark of the season except in hardship cases to prevent dissolution of the team, as approved by the Board.


Subs—defined as players not on any team’s official roster who fill in for teams short on players—do not have to pay seasonal dues, but must pay $5 per match as a sub fee. Subs cannot fill-in for any one team more than twice in one season. Any infraction may result in their scores forfeited. Any team adding a former sub as a full-time roster player must inform the statistician immediately and the player must then pay the full league dues. (Sub fees do not count toward league dues.)  

Timeouts and Coaching

Teams are allowed four timeouts per match. Players are allowed one time out per game. Coaching during the timeout is meant to be a discussion. You can point at but not touch the table to mark a spot. Coaching is only allowed during a timeout.

Short-Handed Play

In the case where one team only has three players, each player from the short-handed team plays one of the missing player’s games. The fourth game is played by the player on the short-handed team with the lowest score that evening. This is intended to be a last resort solution. Every effort should be made to secure a sub before employing this system. Teams can play short-handed twice a season. If a team has used up their short-handed matches and need to reschedule, it can be played during the next scheduled make-up week.

 Scoring a Forfeited Player

If a team is short a player(s) they will enter No Player in the appropriate name slot(s). The forfeited player will not have a handicap listed. The opposing team will use the handicaps of the three lowest ranked players so that each team has the equal number of players listing a handicap.

Eligibility for Tournaments

  • Eligibility for the midseason top/bottom requires player to be current with their dues.
  • Eligibility to play in the end of season team tournament is one-third of possible games.
  • Eligibility for top dog honors is two-thirds of possible games.
  • Eligibility for the end of season individual tournament is one-third of possible games.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes actions that are embarrassing, disruptive, or detrimental to other players, spectators, event officials, or the sport in general. It includes, but is not limited to: deliberate interference with an opposing player in the process of shooting; verbal or physical harassment of players, referees, sponsors, and spectators; any kind of verbal and physical threatening behavior; cheating; and taunting.

Penalties for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

AAs per the PSPL bylaws, the Board will determine penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, which can include: a warning, suspension or expulsion from the league, and disqualification from a tournament or playoff.

Accidental Interference

If a spectator or player accidentally interferes with a player in the process of shooting, the balls should be returned to their original positions. If that’s not practical, the players should replay the game.

Slow Play

We encourage people to have fun, play at a reasonable pace, and enjoy league pool. As per BCA rules, any captain can call for a shot clock during a match. But once called, it applies to players on both teams. Likewise, there may be a rare occasion when the a presiding board member may have to rule on slow play during a tournament and call for a shot clock to finish the tournament within a reasonable timeframe (as in, before the venue closes for the night).


Players at the table, or their team captains, may request a rule interpretation at any time during the game. Requests or protests must be made immediately before any subsequent shot has been taken or they cannot be considered. The shooter must honor an opponent’s request that play be halted for an observer or a rule interpretation.


Only a player in a match or their team captain can call a foul. If the captain is playing a game, they can designate an acting captain until their game is finished.





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